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VXE ATK68 is a compact 65% mechanical keyboard that comes equipped with second-generation Gateron Magnetic switches. These switches are something special, users can customize their experience with the ATK68 as the magnetic switches can be adjusted in trigger response. They also support rapid trigger function as well. Other key features of the ATK68 include a premium aluminium alloy top cover, FR4 material PCB, Aluminum alloy Positioning plate, smartspeed low-latency performance, etc. Add the ATK68 to your setup and enjoy gaming and official use with full satisfaction!!

Customizable Gateron Second-Generation Magnetic Switches

VXE ATK68 mechanical keyboard comes equipped with Gateron’s second-generation customizable magnetic switches. These have transparent PC material top-cover along with a POM material axis core, and an adjustable trigger point from 0.1mm to 4.0mm. Users can adjust the switches using 40-level adjustable sensitivity. These switches offer light-trigger force and offer an extremely satisfying linear feedback.

Gateron’s OEM Height PBT Material Translucent Keycaps

VXE ATK68 keyboard features high-quality OEM-Grade PBT material keycaps. These durable keycaps are crafted with excellent craftsmanship, each unit gives a delicate in-hand feel. The translucent design transmits the backlit RGB to its full glory.

Global Rapid Trigger Technology

VXE ATK68 keyboard features Global Rapid Trigger and Quick Reset technology. Each switch can be independently customized for different trigger points from 0.1mm to 4.0mm range. Users get a customized satisfying experience for every single key on the keyboard.

Smart Speed X Low-Latency Connection

The ATK68 keyboard offers amazing performance. It registers every single keystroke with great precision and speed. The keyboard supports low-latency high-speed Smart Speed X tech promising a top return rate of 1000Hz.

Vivid RGB Backlight

VXE ATK68 mechanical keyboard features a vivid RGB backlight. It is a full 16.8 million color RGB backlight that can be customized with different lighting effects, brightness levels and more. Play around until you find your perfect keyboard!!

Solid Build Structure

VXE ATK68 keyboard has got a solid build structure. The keyboard features a high-quality aluminium alloy top cover along with high-quality OEM height PBT keycaps. The internal arrangement is equally beautiful featuring dual-layered Silicone padding, Enjoy typing on the ATK68 keyboard.



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