ประกันศูนย์ BI&I Distribution 1 ปี

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Full-Size in a Smaller Space
A full-size keyboard without wasting any space (or wasted space) on this board.That’s only a touch over an inch longer than a standard TKL.

A super stable feeling in response
Smooth typing without any disturbance due to any sudden life or move as faced by old school keyboards

Onboard Macro
This is one of the keyboards out there where you can remap your keys and save up to 3 layers ( layers 2-4) without a software. The keys that you’ve remapped are saved into respective layers, and will still be there even if you plug it into other computers.

Key Specifications
Cherry MX Brown / MX Silent Red
Full Size 105 Keys
USB / Detachable Type-C
Modify keycaps


Switch Type

Brown, Silent Red