ประกันศูนย์ BI&I Distribution 1 ปี

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Small form factor, space-saving, portability, comfortability, and minimalistic look
Suitable for those who love to travel, work at any place, take charming pictures, and be poser.

Small but complete in every details
The keyboards is surprisingly standard, making the learning curve easy to manage.Just put in a little time and you will be able to master the new keystorke combinations in no time at all.

Onboard Macro
This is one of the keyboards out there where you can remap your keys and save up to 3 layers ( layers 2-4) without a software. The keys that you’ve remapped are saved into respective layers, and will still be there even if you plug it into other computers.

Key Specifications
Cherry MX Brown Switch
Number of keys 47 Keys
RGB Backlit
Detachable Micro USB


Switch Type

Brown, Silent Red