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Five Legend series gaming chairs with different designs.
 A gamer chair and its height and other dimensions. A close-up of the Legend gaming chair’s lumbar-support seat cushion.

A close-up of the ergonomic gaming chair's unique design.

A close-up of the adjustable control for this lumbar-support gaming chair.

A close-up of the chair’s side and armrest.

A close-up of the Legend gaming chair’s headrest.

New Mature Design

The LEGEND was built for gaming and working. It fits easily into any gaming setup or office and elevates any space.

Lumbar Support

A side-mounted rotary dial enables the user to customize the LEGEND to their exact requirements for the ultimate support.

Ergonomic Design

The LEGEND combines the ergonomic lumbar support of the HERO with the sleekness of the ICON and the sporty airflow cutout of the EPIC.

High-Quality Materials

The steel-frame construction, cold-foam cushions, and high-quality PU leather create a luxury chair for both work and play.