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Beyond Flat Screens: The Allure of Curved Glass Experiences

Elevate Your Viewing Experience with Curved Glass Elegance

After a year of rigorous testing, KING 95’s Industrial-Grade Curved Tempered Glass boasts optimal curvature and unmatched durability, ensuring crystal-clear component visibility from every angle.




Aesthetic ARGB Lighting

Transform your space with mesmerizing Addressable RGB lighting

KING 95 features a seamlessly integrated front panel light strip with a curved design, offering a variety of built-in lighting modes, allowing creation of stunning artistic effects.




Cooling Options Galore: Liquid, Air, and Fan-Friendly

Adaptability Meets Your Choices for Total Comfort

KING 95 offers versatile cooling, supporting a 360mm top radiator, 280mm side radiator (up to 60mm thickness) without any interference, and up to 175mm air cooler height for flexible component customization.




Fortress of Cleanliness: Defend Your PC with Built-in Filters

Sentinels of Clarty: Defend Your PC with Embedded Filters

KING 95 features easily removable top, side, and bottom panels, each equipped with dedicated dust filters. This meticulous design ensures that your build maintains its polished and uncluttered appearance.




Beyond Default: Experience the Pro Edition of King 95!

KING 95 Pro features 2 RX140 PWM ARGB side fans, 3 RX120 PWM ARGB bottom fans, 1 AX120 PWM ARGB rear fan, and includes a 1 to 10 ARGB PWM Fan Hub for precise control of your cooling system.

Total of 6 fans and a controller

Note:  that “AX” denotes the standard blade fans, whereas “RX” refers to the reversed blade fans.



Black, White, Blue, Red