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– Compact 75% Layout with 82+1 Key arrangement.

– Dual-Mode Connectivity(Wired USB Type-C+Wireless 2.4GHz).

– Hot-Swappable PCB Sockets.

– Full-Key Conflict-Free Operation.

– Built-in Sound-Absorbing Layer.

– Large Key Satellite Axis.

– Two-Level Adjustable Feet.

– Long Battery Life.

– Classic Color Options.


Compact 75% Layout:

Monsgeek MG75 has a compact 75% layout, the kit offers an 82+1 key arrangement. It occupies a little space compared to a full-sized keyboard while bringing you all the keys you need for day-to-day tasks such as blog writing or gaming.


Versatile Dual Mode Connectivity:

Monsgeek MG75 keyboard kit supports connection with a wide range of devices with its dual-mode connectivity. It supports wired connectivity with USB Type-C connection and Wireless connectivity with high-speed wireless 2.4GHz connectivity.


Full-Key Hot-Swappable Sockets:

With hot-swappable sockets, the Monsgeek MG75 keyboard allows you to easily complete your Keyboard. The kit supports both 3-pin and 5-pin switches, making it compatible with most mechanical switches in the market. No need for any kind of soldering, simply connect or replace your switches on the MG75 Kit.


Sound-Absorbing Foam Layer & Large Key Satellite Axis:

Monsgeek MG75 Kit has got smooth typing feedback. The kit is designed with a sound-absorbing foam padded layer. It also absorbs pressure exerted on the keys, you get a smooth and easy typing experience with the MG75 Kit. For large keys, the kit is equipped with finely-adjusted satellite axis stabilizers.



Black, White