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Hey! It’s MelGeek Team again. We are back in the game after the huge success of Mojo68. We have been thinking about what we can do to improve and provide a better keyboard for everyone. To do so, we created Mojo84!

Mojo84 is a 75% mechanical keyboard with brand new black keycaps, upgraded gasket mount and custom switches. Of course, we kept all the things you love about Mojo68, including the stunning transparent design, hot-swappable options and the KBTOOLS App.

Mojo84 is a must for those who insist on the best typing experience and the ultimate control for gaming! And of course, style matters! What could be more eye-catching than a transparent keyboard on a desk setup?

Mojo84 added a Poron switch mat to the original Gasket Mount. The Poron switch mat is added between the bottom of switches and the PCB assembly to reduce the direct contact between those two layers. The change of design reduces the sound of impact and provides a more satisfying sound and feel when typing.

The keyboard plate is surrounded by silicone and Poron. Silicone is used to prevent the plate from directly contacting other components of the keyboard. It can substantially reduce the vibration created from keystrokes for a comfortable, elastic feel. Hitting the keys while typing generates a high-energy impact with each keystroke so Poron is used as an extra cushion to manage the energy and dampen sound at the same time.

Mojo84 added function keys to boost your productivity while working or to upgrade your gaming experience. Customize your shortcuts with the F keys to boost efficiency and get more done!

To increase the wear resistance, Mojo84 adopts ABS double shot keycaps. Two plastics are molded together when creating the keycap, which provides improved durability.

It also makes the keycaps less likely to develop a shiny look or fade.

Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to the press feel and sound of their keyboards. So we offer 2 different switches including a custom plastic switch and a brown switch from Kailh. Choose the one that suits you the best!

You can easily swap, upgrade, and mix switches without soldering. Customize your dream keyboard just as you like it!

With our exclusive APP, KBTools, you can personalize Mojo84 as you choose including function keys, backlights, and shortcut settings. Add layers for extra functions and expand up to 4 FN function keys.

Each key has its own RGB backlight! Using KBTOOLS, you can set up the colors and rhythm in the way you want and match up the backlighting with your mood every day. Infinite combinations let you go wild with color!

Mojo 84 supports up to 8 devices. You can switch seamlessly between devices for easy multitasking. Switch easily from your PC to tablet, cell phone, or laptop by simply pressing FN+number keys.

Compatible with Mac, Windows, IOS, Android and Linux, Mojo84 adopts tri-mode connection including Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G USB Wireless and Type-C wired connection.


Switch Type

Kailh Box Brown, Kailh Box Custom Plastic