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Is your cat bothering you while you’re working?

Is your cat sleeping on top of your keyboard?

Is your cat casually covering your screen while you battle a video game boss?

If this is the case, LOGA has a solution for you!!

Catputer, designed by LOGA x KAFBO, is a computer-shaped scratcher house made of cardboard paper, allowing your cat to have his or her own computer to enjoy. The set includes a cardboard paper keyboard for your cat to type (scratch), a teaser wand with a mouse plush, and a floppy disk box of catnip.

LOGA also includes an additional tablet stance for displaying your cat’s YouTube videos or Crypto trading graph.

Included in the box

  • Computer shaped scratcher house made from a cardboard paper x 1
  • Cat scratcher keyboard x 1
  • Teaser wand with a mouse plush attached x 1
  • Catnip in floppy disk box x 2
  • Tablet stance x 1