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by Lelelab & XTIA

Maxum 65 is the first collaboration between LeleLab and XTIA, it inherits XTIA’s rugged design in the field of PC chassis. The unique combination of multiple panels and perfect light & shadow contract showcases the aesthetic resonance between different materials.

Lele RapidLink USB HUB

USB3.0 and Lele 2.4G receiver fused into a USB3.0 HUB, using separate cables for a clean desktop setup.

  • Supports RGB lighting.
  • Supports LeleConsole light customization.
  • Supports incoming phone call/push/notification light flashing (the phone needs to connect to the HUB via Bluetooth).


Extra Clear Components

Translucent silicone damping insert and PC sandblasted bottom cover for enhanced underglow effect.
Extra Top Acrylic Panels
Extra clear acrylic panels for you to customize your own Maxum 65!



Lele RapidLink USB HUB, Extra Clear Components, Extra Clear Dark Green acrylic panel, Extra Clear Smoke Black acrylic panel, Extra Clear Red acrylic panel, Extra Clear Deep Purple acrylic panel, Extra Clear Light Pink acrylic panel