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Heavy Pressure Tactile Feedback

The Kailh Box Thick Clicky Switches feature a thick click bar which creates a deeper, louder click sound as well as increases the tactile feedback tremendously. It has a consistent click and actuation feedback and generates a very crisp, full, typewriter-like signature sound that gets you excited to press every key press. 

Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy/Jade Switch

Square Dust Wall Design

The square dust wall around the stem is not only good for aesthetics but also provides dust protection and keycap stability.

Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Structure

The exclusive “Box” structure protects the inner metal pieces of these switches from water and dust. It also extends the switches’ lifespan and longevity.

Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Structure

Excellent Backlight Effect

The transparent cover of these switches is made of PC material to enhance the transparency effect. It also has an excellent backlight effect ideal for showcasing the RGB lights.

Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy/Jade Switch Backlight

High Compatibility 3-Pin Design

This 3-Pin switch’s base is engineered with a hollowed-out light position design to offer SMD-LED light compatibility and incorporates an MX stem structure to be compatible with most mechanical keyboards on the market.

Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy/Jade Switch 3-Pin Design

Product Structure

Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy/Jade Switch Structure

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Jade, Navy


10 pieces, 35 pieces