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JamesDonkey RS6 is a brand new 96-key compact mechanical keyboard designed with colorful transparent chassis and a metallic back plate. The keyboard uses high-quality Gateron G Pro mechanical switches that not only offer you smooth operation but also have high durability. RS6 also features a hot-swappable PCB allowing the users to replace the switches when required easily!!

Connect With A Variety Of Devices With Triple Connection Modes:-

JamesDonkey RS6 can be connected to various devices using its triple connection modes. RS6 supports both wired and wireless connections with a 2.4GHz extremely fast wireless connection, the latest Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and Wired USB Type-C connectivity. Using Bluetooth mode, users can connect RS6 to three devices simultaneously.

Transparent Exquisite Build:-

JamesDonkey RS6 has got a premium build. The keyboard has got a transparent colorful see-through outer chassis. The keyboard has got exquisite premium looks with color-matched keycaps and a metallic backplate.

Silent Operation With EVA Cotton Padded Layer:-

JamesDonkey RS6 adopts EVA sound-absorbing cotton padding layer between the PCB and the positioning plate. It effectively reduces the percussion of the mechanical switches and provides softer acoustics while operating the keyboard.

96-Key Compact Layout With Multimedia Volume Knob:-

JamesDonkey RS6 has a 96-key compact layout. Compared to a full-sized layout, the RS6 drops the home key cluster while retaining the numeric keypad and arrow keys. It makes the RS6 about 20% smaller than the standard full-sized keyboard. Along with the compact 96-key layout, the RS6 also features a multimedia volume knob for easy volume adjustment on the go.

Premium Gateron G Pro Switches & Hot-Swappable PCB:-

JamesDonkey RS6 will be available with premium Gateron G Pro mechanical switches. They offer a smooth typing experience with high durability. Users can easily replace the switches whenever required with the hot-swappable PCB that allows easy replacement of switches.

Extended Battery Life:-

JamesDonkey RS6 comes equipped with a 5000mAh battery that provides extended battery life to the keyboard. Upon a single charge, users will be able to use the keyboard for longer hours without worrying about the battery running out.

Create An Immersive Atmosphere With RGB Backlight:-

JamesDonkey RS6 is capable of creating a fully immersive experience for the users with its 16.8million color RGB backlight. Users can easily adjust the backlight with different effects.




Red, Black, Ice

Switch Type

Gateron Brown Pro, Gateron Red Pro