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External Sound Card with EPOS 7.1 Surround Sound

Supercharge your gaming audio with the GSX 1000 2nd edition USB-A External Sound Card, featuring EPOS’ best-in-class 7.1 surround sound and separate game audio and chat stream mixing. Switch instantly between 4 custom profiles, speaker or headset modes with fingertip touch control and black, tactile volume ring.

Performance. Style. Simplicity.

Customize Your Gaming Experience
Specially tuned audio presets – story, music, esports and neutral – focus and balance sound frequencies where they are needed, and act as a starting point for your own custom profiles. Set reverberation level to your preference for precise spatial awareness.

Take Control of Your Game Audio
Separate control over game audio and chat streams allows you to adjust the mix on the fly, ensuring communications can cut through the chaos of battle. Customize your game audio with features like surround sound, reverbation, customized EQ and directional sound while your chat sound remains clear and unprocessed.

Settings Lock
Prevent accidental switching in crucial games by engaging the settings lock
Sensor Activated
No distractions – LED panel automatically turns off, awakens with a hand gesture
High-Performance Microphone Input
Hear the warmth and clarity of your mic via the upgraded 16-bit/48KHz sound path
Tough Build
Aluminum volume wheel and high-quality materials make for lasting durability


Push the boundaries of 3D audio with the unrivalled EPOS Surround binaural rendering engine

The majority of PC and console games today not only offer stereo output, but also multichannel audio, most commonly in the form of a 7.1 mix. To experience this as the game creators intended, you will need a surround capable audio system – either a traditional multi-loudspeaker room set-up or via a headset. Our engineers have designed EPOS Surround to deliver a best-in-class experience for gamers.

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