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Chilkey ND75

The Chilkey ND75 is a high-performance keyboard designed to meet the needs of both beginners and enthusiasts alike. With features typically found in premium keyboards, the ND75 offers multiple mounting styles, screen modules, and Bluetooth compatibility at a competitive price point. Whether you’re a gamer, office worker, or keyboard enthusiast, the ND75 is sure to enhance your typing experience.

Core Specifications

The Chilkey ND75 features a 75% layout size, making it compact yet functional for daily use. It offers versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz, and wireless capabilities. The standard ANSI layout and mount style ensure compatibility with a wide range of keycap sets and accessories. Additionally, the keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing for easy customization and maintenance.

Ergonomic Design and Durability

The ND75 boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic design, with a choice of finish treatments including Electrophoretic Pure White, Anodization in Jet Black, Mountain Blue, or Elegant Purple. The keyboard is built with high-quality materials for durability and longevity. The layout is ergonomic and user-friendly, providing a comfortable typing experience for extended periods.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Chilkey ND75 offers seamless cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to connect to multiple devices with ease. Whether you prefer wired, Bluetooth, or 2.4 GHz connectivity, the keyboard ensures efficient and reliable performance. Switching between devices or operating systems is simple and hassle-free, making it ideal for users with diverse tech setups.

Flexible Programmability

Personalize your typing experience with the ND75’s flexible programmability options. From key remapping to aesthetic customizations like backlighting, users can tailor the keyboard to suit their preferences. The keyboard may come with proprietary software for customization, allowing for further personalization and optimization of settings.

ND75 Keycaps

The keycaps of the ND75 are doubleshot, with each keyboard colour coming with matching keycaps

ND75 Switches



Jet Black, Pure White, Elegant Purple, Mountain Blue