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AKKO Keycap set – Olivia is in AKKO’s newly launched keycap series with MDA profile (including R5 row). With PBT Double-Shot material, many buttons suitable for many layouts and most importantly, the price is very accessible, MDA promises to be a very hot keycap series in the near future.

As we all know, today’s keycap is an indispensable need for mechanical keyboard “addicts” in general and “plastic drugs” in particular. The quality of the keycap will depend on the material and the technology of printing characters on the keycap. Let’s explore these two aspects through the article below.

PBT stands for Polybutylene Terephthalate, which is a plastic for making keycaps. PBT has a higher hardness than ABS, a rougher surface, and shrinks more when molded. All AKKO keyboards currently use PBT keycaps. Features of PBT keycap can be mentioned as follows:

  • The sound when typing is dull
  • The surface is not yellowed, the font is more difficult to fly
  • High brittleness makes it easy to break

Keycap PBT Double-Shot  is molded from 2 separate color layers (1 for keycap and 1 for characters)

  • Durable
  • Hard-to-fade keycap and high-contrast characters