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AKKO has been an expert in pushing its aesthetics beyond your expectation. Dripping with futuristic colors and cultural references from cyberpunk and AKKO creative team, AKKO NEON 3098B is crafted with a popular 90% compact layout, which is truly a compact mechanical keyboard for both gaming and working. Distinct color contrast, like living in the surrealism in dark night. Moreover, the keyboard is 5-pin hot-swappable. It can be changed by other mechanical switches for DIY purpose.
  • Model: 3098B (98 keys)
  • Connectivity: USB Type C, Detachable / Bluetooth 5.0 (up to 3 devices) / Wireless 2.4Ghz (1 in 3)
  • Battery 3000 mah
  • LED RGB background (Backlit, SMT bottom no switch) with many modes
  • Support hotswap switch (hotswap, 5 pin, TTC hotswap socket)
  • With 3.5mm thick EVA (FOAM) lining (between the plate and PCB)
  • With Silicone Foam lining at the bottom of the key
  • Stab pre- lubed and pre-refined
  • Dimensions: 382x134x40 mm | Weight 1.1kg
  • Keycap: PBT Double-Shot, ASA profile
  • Switch type: AKKO CS Switch (Jelly White)
  • Support NKRO / Multimedia / Macro / Windows Key Lock
  • Accessories: 1 user manual + 1 keypuller + 1 dust cover + 1 USB cable + 2.4Ghz USB Receiver + included keycap
  • Compatible: Windows / MacOS / Linux (with MAC Function support)
  • AKKO keyboard when connect to MacOS: (Ctrl -> Control | Windows -> Command | Alt -> Option, Mojave OS and above will adjust the order of these keys)


Switch Type

Akko Jelly Pink, Akko Jelly White, Akko Jelly Blue