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New Gateron Switch

In addition to the switches above, Gateron has also developed many other switches in the past two years, like the Oil King switch, Kangaroo switch, CJ switch, and North Pole switch. The Oil King switch is a factory pre-lubed switch that is popular for its super smooth feel and deep patch sounds. The Kangaroo switch is a tactile switch with an Ink material housing that provides two operation force options: 59 gf and 63 gf. The CJ switches are short for “China Joy”, which refers to the digital entertainment expo, and their linear feel is very sought after by fans. The North Pole switch features a fully transparent switch. If you are an RGB fan, this is definitely a must-try!

Recently, Gateron also released a new variant of their tactile switch – the baby kangaroo switch. Its crisp bump and tactile feel attract many tactile switch lovers.


  • 5-Pin switch
  • 10 PCS Per Pack



Oil King, Kangaroo, CJ, Box CJ, North Pole, Baby Kangaroo